Guelph's First Craft Distillery


Company Profile

Grain to Bottle and back to farm.

 Local Ontario farmers supply us with the finest grains they harvest. These are carefully added by hand to our mash tun. Mixed with fresh spring water and heated, we slowly cook the starches out of the grains and convert them into sugars. The warm mash is then pumped into one of our custom fermentors. During the fermentation process, sugars are converted to alcohol via our special strain of yeast. Once this process has run its course, we pump the mash into our pot still where it then is distilled. Our spirits are then carbon filtered to ensure a clean, pure, smooth taste. Bottling and labeling are done by hand, in house.
When the process is finally complete, our mash of water and spent grains is given back to the local farmers to feed their cattle. High in protein, and warm it's a much appreciated treat for the cattle.

Kevin (Chevy) Patterson

With Almost 20 years in operations, production, safety controls, he breaks about the same amount he fixes in the distillery. He leads us into better, and safer production. When he's not on stages making us laugh, he is true to his craft of making some the best spirits this side of the Silvercreek. Master of Destruction, Father of two, our Popcorn Sutton. Studied Bourbon Making in Kentuckey.
Favorite Drink: Free
Other: bourbon/whiskey on Ice
Favorite Saying: Get Miranda to do it

Miranda Drexler

Business student at Conestoga joined the team for a coop term and never left. She is one of the youngest female distillers in Ontario and plays many roles in the distillery. From production, marketing, to HR she's always got an idea.
Favourite Drink: GinFusion 
Favourite Saying: I have an idea

Jeremie Dixon

With his 20 years experience in sales, and love of spirits, he is not only the name behind Distillery but the ringleader of the circus that we call DDS. He always arrives late, stays late, and ages at the speed of light. Studied white spirits in Chicago, distillery functions, brown spirits and fermentation in Louisville. 

Favourite Drink: Changes weekly

Favourite Saying: Let's have a meeting!

Photographed left to right; Kevin Patterson, Miranda Drexler, Jeremie Dixon & Vicky Dixon.

What We Do

Dixon's Distilled Spirits


Founded: 2015

Owners: Jeremie Dixon, Vicky Dixon & Kevin Patterson

​1st Product in LCBO: Silvercreek Vodka


How Dixon's got started

Vicky Dixon

With almost 20 years working in a lab, she leads the pack with quality control and governing the rest of us. We all answer to her, if she likes it or not. Studied Bourbon Making in Kentucky. Vodka, Gin and white spirts in Chicago, and many, many late nights in the bars. Queen Moonshiner, Mother of two, Wife of One.
Favorite Drink: Vodka, Flavoured with Coffee and/or Chocolate
Favorite Saying: Time to Shine

Meet The Team

We've always been interested in taking quality, local, natural products and fashioning them into artisanal, small-batch spirits. The raw material was in our backyard. And our fascination with craft distilling, ingrained so we set out in 2013 to create 100% made in Canada spirits for those who appreciate libations that are literally forged from the land.