​Locally Produced, Unbelievably Smooth

Wellington Mule

1oz Silvercreek Vodka 
4oz Ginger Beer
1/6oz Lime Juice

Mix and garnish with lime.

Maple Ginger Shine

1oz Whitelighting Moonshine
1tsp Maple Syrup
spash of Lime Juice
6oz Ginger Beer

Add all ingredients in a tall glass, stir well and garnish with a lime wedge. 

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Moonshine & Whisky

Oatshine, 750ml

​​This moonshine is one of a kind. Made of 100% Canadian oats, it is unique and rare. Its very smooth and has a hint of sweetness. Try it on ice or with gingerbeer.

Wicked Rootbeer

1oz Wicked Licorice Gin
7oz Rootbeer

Wicked 6 gin adds a hint of licorice to the rootbeer that makes a simply delicious drink.

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Maple Whisky

2oz Batch 3 Whisky

.5oz Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Pour over ice in a whisky glass and swirl.

Vodka & Gin

Hand Crafted Spirits

Cocktail Recipes!

GINFUSION, 473ml Cans

Our first Gin cooler is a refreshing blend of our Award winning Wicked Citrus Gin with Ginger, Cucumber, Lime, and Mint. Light and not too sweet. 

Gin Fusion Nutrition Facts:
Per 355ml serving:
Calories 157
Sugar 15g

Available at LCBO

Silvercreek Vodka, 750ml

We take pride in our Vodka that is hand bottled from Canadian corn. This smooth carbon filtered vodka is best for flavouring your favourite martini or just simple - on the rocks.


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Click image to see LCBO availability.

Batch 3 Whisky, 750ml

This lightly aged spirit was rapidly aged in one of our used Bourbon barrels. It is a bourbon style whisky- sweet and smooth with a hint of vanilla.

Flaming Caesar Vodka, 750ml

We heard the call for a better caesar, and we answered! We naturally infused our Silvercreek vodka with handpicked ingredients to create a vodka packed with flavour and heat. All you need is caesar mix and Dixon's Flaming Caesar Vodka!

Cheers Canada!

Citrus Beertail

1oz Wicked Citrus Gin
1 Tbs lemon syrup
7oz Light or Citrus Beer

A cocktail made with beer- a beertail. A thirst quenching cocktail for the summer!

Wicked Licorice Gin, 750ml

Our team here at Dixon's set out to create a Gin that signifies our unique spirits. Introducing Wicked 6. 

This Gin is non-traditional with notes of juniper, licorice root and hints of cinnamon. The natural black licorice flavour pairs nicely with lemonade, tonic, or our favourite... rootbeer.​

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Wicked Citrus Gin, 750ml

(Formerly known as VirGIN)

Distilled over our special recipe of botanicals, it's smooth, playful and memorable. This non-traditional Gin is light on the juniper with a refreshing hint of citrus. 

*2017 World Gin Award winner for Canada's Best Contemporary Gin