‚ÄčGuelph's First Craft Distillery

Maple Ginger Shine

1oz Whitelighting Moonshine
1tsp Maple Syrup
spash of Lime Juice
6oz Ginger Beer

Add all ingredients in a tall glass, stir well and garnish with a lime wedge. 

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Wellington Mule

1oz Silvercreek Vodka 
4oz Ginger Beer
1/6oz Lime Juice

Mix and garnish with lime.

Maple Whisky

2oz Batch 3 Whisky

.5oz Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Pour over ice in a whisky glass and swirl.

Wicked Rootbeer

1oz Wicked 6 Gin
7oz Rootbeer

Wicked 6 gin adds a hint of licorice to the rootbeer that makes a simply delicious drink.

Cocktail Recipes

Moonshine & Whisky

Citrus Beertail

1oz Citrus VirGin Gin
1 Tbs lemon syrup
7oz Light or Citrus Beer

A cocktail made with beer- a beertail. A thirst quenching cocktail for the summer!

Liz's Lemon Ginger Spritzer

1oz Dixon's Lemon Ginger Liqueur 

2-4oz Club Soda

Pour Liqueur in a highball glass with ice, squeeze a quarter of lime, and add Soda to reach your desired taste. 

Vodka & Gin